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Go! Cake: the easiest way to enjoy…

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Discover Go! Cake - a NEW cake concept picking up steam worldwide!

There’s just nothing like a Go! Cake.

It puts you, the consumer, into the driver’s seat! Most packaged cake mixes are just your dry ingredients mixed together. You still have to add your wet ingredients (eggs, milk, butter,…) and mix it yourself. That’s no fun! Instant cake should be – well, instant, right? After all, you deserve a QUICK treat! Our product is super easy to use – you’ll have your cake in minutes!

GO! Cake is different.

The actual cake batter is ready to go in a single serving portion: just open the convenient pouch, microwave for one minute, let cool for five minutes and … GO! Cake!

We made it so easy and convenient that you can actually store a few in your desk drawer at work, in your backpack for a quick pick me up at school, or in your home pantry for those sneaky midnight snack attacks. GO! Cake is the way to go when you want to enjoy a freshly baked cake in minutes without the trouble of actually doing any baking!